La Maison La Rue is the home of Monte La Rue's studio and label. Together with many friends & stray cats, we have created various smouldering interludias & tracks that have found their way to over +400 compilations. Here's a selection out of our catalogue for you to enjoy. There are over 100 tracks out there from Fabergé, Tom Urleena, Leo Traumen, Raoul Mente, Da Vince, Finnick and Monsieur La Rue himself. Very chique indeed!

Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue is culled from his extensive catalogue of productions, which includes two artist albums (Interludia, The End of the Rainbow), an two albums under the Fabergé alias, plus a selection of tracks exclusively recorded for compilations. Click on the covers and have a listen. Or get it in one of these stores.